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Testimonials from Lily-Therese's Clients

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Chansons De Printemps 1889
William Adolphe Bouguereau

Individual/Professional Woman.  I truly believe in the power of "positive follow-up" on an experience like the one I had with you at my first reading.  This ... is to let you know, and to re-affirm for myself, that I found your comments most inspiring and comforting.  I came to you at a time in my life when lots offers at stake and I was feeling the pressure of having to make many vital decisions.  The service you provide does not make ones decisions for him, but allows for a more relaxed and free-flowing state of mind in which to work from.  My hour with you opened my eyes to the fact that there were many more options and possibilities open to me than I had realized and that I was not "boxed in" or trapped.   Those negative feelings certainly cloud our clear-thinking and what you do is to take a lot of those clouds away.

I am reviewing my tape that you sent home with me as I write this letter, and am glad that I sat down to get in touch with it all again.  I am tickled at the experience my daughter and I had just two days after I left you.  As I walked out the door you told me her father should be getting her a car instead of me, which has been an added worry for me in this time of financial stress.  Sure enough, Dad called and informed us that he had purchased a "set of wheels" for N., in honor of her good grades and for her 16th birthday!  Thanks again.  Penny G., President

Self-Employed Business Professional.  In everyone's life, personal or professional, we all experience highs and lows.  It's during these lows that we usually reach out to someone for support.  The one I reach for is Lily Therese.

In the four years of our association, she has helped me in more ways than any other person in my life.  She has been instrumental in helping me understand myself and get in touch with my own feelings, which in turn has allowed me to extend myself in being a self-employed woman in business and a single parent.

Knowing Lily has been an uplifting and enlightening experience.   Our meetings and consultations have always left me in a highly motivated frame of mind.  My friendship with her is something I will always be thankful for.  ~ Debbie J., Business Owner


Commercial Business OwnerLily Therese has played a big part in our business for the past few years.  Her talents have been most useful in the hiring of our employees and in many business transactions.  Her Metaphysical abilities has given us confidence; not only in business decisions, but also in our personal lives.  We feel Lily would be an asset to any business, as she cares for the people she works with.  Sharon S., Business Owner


Self-Employed Business Woman.  .... I have attended several of Lily Therese's educational and motivational workshops.  I have found these workshops to be very rewarding.  They have enabled me as a self-employed businesswoman to achieve my highest potential.  These workshops broadened an awareness of myself and others in my environment.

I am in a highly stressed career that is 90% male-oriented, which means that I must have excellent skills in all areas of construction as well as management.  in addition to skills and knowledge I must also have confidence combined with power.

The workshops and consultations that I attended enabled me to enhance and develop my liabilities, therefore transforming an overall balanced life-force.   Ramona J., Business Owner


Psychologist/LCSW.  .... Lily Therese is a person who inspires positive growth in those with whom she comes in contact.  She has great insight into human nature and understands it intuitively.  She has had a variety of life experiences which have given her inner strength and nobility of character.  She generously shares her time and special talents with others.  Her approach is direct and uplifting.  Her hallmark is one of enthusiasm.  She has inspired may individuals and organizations through her motivational presentations and has left them with renewed spirits....  Elaine K., LCSW


IndividualIt was great talking to you. And I received some really good information from you as I expected I would. Thanks always for doing the work of Spirit and for being such a good spiritual guide to me. I love you.  I wanted you to know that I opened myself to your words and told Spirit and the universe that I was ready to do His work. Just last night I got a call from a young woman who came across a flier I had put out in November about ceremony and she wants me to do a releasing ceremony for her to rid herself of anger. Wow! Spirit answers quickly. Thank you for your encouragement and belief in me. I understand that what you tell me is from Spirit but having Spirit words from such a loving human to associate with is a blessing. 
Peggy F.,  Native American Spiritual Teacher ~ Louisiana 


From an Online ClientWow! What an accurate and insightful reading. Lily I appreciate all the wisdom you imparted to me in my reading. You were able to help me explain in great detail the events of my past in a way that helped me find comfort and direction for my future. Your warmth and personal style showed so much concern and caring for me and my spiritual growth as a person!! I felt very comfortable working with you and felt a great sense of trust and professionalism in your work. I feel refreshed and assured in my strength to know what is right for me. You helped me understand what lies ahead for me, and showed me how I can accomplish these things in a manageable way. I was very much impressed with your talent. You are a lovely person and look forward to many more rewarding readings in the future. Thank you again!!    Sincerely,    Diana S.  ~ Florida


IndividualDuring my one hour reading, Lily Therese gave me such insight into what I was going through in my life.  She told me the things that had occurred in my past and where events were leading me.  As the months went on, her predictions came true - with such amazing accuracy  ....  I have listened to the taped reading many times now as a useful tool to keep me on track.  Her warm and positive presence energizes me and I always leave her sessions with an uplifted spirit.   I recommend her to all my friends who are in need of spiritual assistance.... Marie, Office Manager   11/99


Individual.  Lily Therese is an extraordinary and gifted person.  Her psychic abilities, based in spiritual truths, have been exactly the council I have needed to help guide me through several very difficult years.  She has been uncannily accurate in her predictions about my life in the areas of health, personal relations, and work.  Her integrity is beyond question as I have never known Lily to put personal gain above the well-being of her clients.  Her advice to me is invaluable.  Diana S., Ph.D.


15 Minute - Free Phone Reading Recipient: Hello Lily, I just wanted to thank you for a great free 15 minutes. Iíve been waiting a long time to speak with you and when I was notified that I won . Well I was in shock and you were more than I expected you to be, which says a lot because my hopes were very high of you . I have had a few psychic readings before but no one was able to connect with me the way you were able to. You helped me to understand whatís motivating the problem in my life right now and I appreciate that. The fact that you gave me ways to make it work best for me also helped me a great deal. I feel so lucky that I was the one who got picked out of all the others that entered the free drawing. I encourage everyone to speak with you because if you helped me understand my areas of concern I can imagine what you could possibly do for others. Another thing that gave me a lot of respect for your personal well being was the fact that I wasnít paying you and you still gave me all you had and all of your concern. Thank You. Mariah, Student ~ 2/2/00 (recipient of Januaryís 15 minute phone reading)


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