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By Lily-Therese “Sacred Dove”

Oh Great Spirit, Our Father, whose breath of Life we experience in every direction of our great nations, hear us. Great Spirit whose voice we hear in silence and in the roar of thunder, listen to our prayers for World Peace. We come to you as the children of all great nations, in love, faith, trust, and unity.

Father Sky, bring us warm rains of cleansing waters. Give us clouds with silver linings, and the ability to cope during the winds of change, and uncertainty. Mother Earth, bless us with abundant food to feed all the nations. Give us a bountiful harvest to nourish those that walk on two legs, those that walk on four legs, those that fly, swim, and crawl. Grandfather Sun, shine abundantly on all nations. Grandmother Moon, brighten our way in times of darkness.

Creator of all great nations, bless all your creations including, sky eagles, tiny ants, great bear, majestic mountains, winding rivers, powerful oceans, rain forests, desert sand, mighty trees, green valleys, fish in the seas, birds in the air, tricky coyote, and peaceful dove.

Bless the weak, the sick, the hungry, the lonely, and the homeless. Bless the poor and the rich, the mighty, the fearless and the fearful. Give us the inner strength to fight negativity and the darkness of despair, in these changing times. Give us hope in times of depression, faith in times of fear, and a joyful and loving heart. Give us healing in spite of our worries and life challenges. Open our hearts and minds to love, and the acceptance of all our neighbors no matter where they live, despite our physical differences.

Great Spirit, Light of the World, bless all the Great Nations, and may your peace and harmony reign in our universe. We are many branches on ONE tree. Help us to accept our diversity, just as we welcome the change of seasons, and acknowledge we are all part of the whole.  Bless us as we spiritually awaken to your call of universal love and forgiveness. Heal, prosper, and unite All Nations through the power of your unconditional Love.




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