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Working with the Wheel of Life Course:
Understanding Human Spirituality and Life Passages


This is a twelve month educational and professional training program in, Working with the Wheel of Life: Understanding Human Spirituality and Life Passages. This course consist of two parts. In the first portion of this program we are introduced to some of the diverse ways that various cultures celebrate their spirituality and life cycles. In the main portion of this program we explore our own spirituality and learn how we can help others celebrate their natural life cycles. Birth and death are natural cycles. What happens in between those times is what really counts to those of us who seek meaning inn our day-to-day life. The course offers a spiritual approach to counseling, teaching, healing, and studying the Wheel of Life to better understand Human Spirituality and our own life cycles. Lectures and demonstrations help you grasp the underlying  concepts, important techniques and application of the Wheel of Life as a powerful tool to address life cycle changes in Human Spirituality.

All religions began as spiritual experiences which later became political and bureaucratic. This course will look beyond the dogmas and doctrines of modern religions for the connecting thread of truth and validity of Ancient Wisdom. The program will introduce you to the world of mystery and faith and draw upon the the practice of spirituality in primitive cultures to learn how we can apply Ancient Wisdom in today's times. The modern world is technologically advanced but spiritually malnourished. Drawing on  Ancient Wisdom and traditional practices can help  us connect to our own Human Spirituality in a modern world. Exploring Human Spirituality across the globe can enrich our own spiritual understanding and offer us a deep appreciation of how people of various cultures give order and meaning to their lives and celebrate life passages. This program offers a spiritual psychology that focuses on the Soul, the Sacred and the belief that human problems and health issues have a spiritual root cause. No matter what our cultural differences are sooner or later most people meet with emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual challenges in their relationships, career, health and finances.

This course provides solutions and training to effectively overcome the struggles, conflicts, fears and challenges that one encounters during various life passages. The Wheel of Life offers a powerful spiritual tool for studying life passages, change and self-mastery. Understanding crisis periods will provide the candidate with the spiritual tools necessary to deal effectively with change, illness and loss. This course will help you and your clients prepare for life cycle changes, growth and healing. Instruction will focus upon healing and the development and understanding of spiritual and personal power. It is time to cross over the barriers that divide and separate us because of race, culture, color, or language. It is the goal of this program to empower you through the following:

Teaching/ Demonstrating
Exploring Life-Cycle Passages
Facilitating Emotional Health and Healing
Providing Spiritual Leadership
Applying Spiritual Principles in Human Experiences

This will be accomplished through a series of sequenced educational experiences designed to integrate theory and practice. Candidates will receive instruction in the primary principles of multicultural spirituality. They will also be provided with structured teaching-learning opportunities to apply these principles in real-life situations appropriate to the positive development of personal power and the empowerment of others. The program will include the following components:

Direct Group Instruction
Applied Fieldwork/ Independent Study
Advanced Seminars
Selected Internship Options
Work Assignments / Required Reading
Experiential Exercises


Anyone involved in serving humanity. Health Professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Reiki Practitioners, Ministers, Hospice Workers, Healers, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Therapists, all Counselors and People interested in starting a new career in Human Spirituality. Or take this class for your own personal  Spiritual Development, Self-Mastery and Healing.



Candidates who complete this program, become bridges of spiritual and emotional support while teaching their patients and clients how to integrate the Body, Mind and Spirit principles. Graduates will have a better understanding of the Human Spirit and its ability to overcome illness, fears and obstacles during various Life Passages. Professionals will be able to skillfully counsel others, teach Human Spirituality, and facilitate emotional health and healing.

Graduates who complete the first year in Working with the Wheel of Life: Understanding Human Spirituality and Life Passages, will be listed in Lily-Therese's professional book of referrals. If you are taking this course for credits please read the information on Credit / No Credit.




1. Human Spirituality

8.   Learn How to Counsel and Teach Human Spirituality

2. Customs, Beliefs, Altars & Fetishes

9.   Study the Wheel of Life as a Key to Spiritual Power

3. Traditions, Sacred Sites & Pilgrimages

10. Develop Spiritual Leadership and Personal Power

4. Religious Ceremonies and Rituals

11. Facilitate Emotional Health and Healing

5. Shamanism, Native American, and Australian
    Aboriginal Cultures

12. Work with the Four Stages of Life Cycles

6. The Feminine in Religion as the Goddess

13. Learn How to Conduct a Life Passage Ceremony

7. The Practice of Prayer and Meditation

14. Explore Death and Dying: A Final Rite of Passage

Course schedule and pricing subjection to change


This course of study will consist of 12 on-site meetings.

Snacks and refreshments are provided during two 15 minutes breaks. We also break 30 minutes for lunch. Please bring your own lunch. With the exception of a minor class expense (field trip or book), all work materials are included in your tuition.  Enrollment is limited to 20 committed students.  May qualify for CE Credits.  All candidates who successfully complete the program of studies will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

This course is taught by Lily-Therese, Spiritual Director of the Institute for the Studies of Human Spirituality.



The Cost of tuition is $1,500 for the year. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required 1 month prior to start to secure your place. The training is designed in quarters.

Each quarter consist of 12 weeks in duration.

You may pay for your tuition on a quarterly or monthly basis.  If you choose either of these methods of payment, the course fee would be $1,900 plus a $200.00 processing fee (for administration and bookkeeping) for a total of $2,100. 

For quarterly payments, each quarter's payment of $525 will need to be paid by the first of each quarter.

The monthly payment plan is available at the cost of $175 a month. Tuition is paid by credit card, check, or money order and you may make payment online with your credit card at the beginning of each month via Paypal (see "Payments" under "Contact" menu item above).

Classes take place at 3045 Rio Lempa Dr. Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

11:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
(30 min lunch break and two 15 minute breaks)

Coming soon.   Will let you know of course dates.  Sign up if you are interested here:

Lily-Therese Workshops


(to be used only when there's open enrollment)

E-mail Lily Therese for more information, payments, Class dates, etc.

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