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Lily-Therese's new book Flash Forward: A Guide to Shaping Your Future
Lily's new book
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Gift certificates make a very unique gift for others, one that keeps on giving in their lives. 

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Lily-Therese's Specially Blended Purification Incense: Purification Incense and More by Lily-Therese:

If you are looking for a powerful spiritual cleansing incense, look no more! This is an excellent spiritual cleansing incense.

The Incense, comes in a granular form and is used to cleanse and purify persons, places and things. Some of the ingredients used are frankincense, copal, myrrh, hyssops, sage, rosemary, etc. The Purification incense is used to raise vibrations, spiritually cleanse, attract positive energy, enhance healing, eliminate negative influence, build powerful atmospheres and provide protection

Purification incense should be burned when one is going through trials, feels depressed, fearful, blocked, attracts undesirables, prior to moving into a new residence, is uneasy in a house, or going through major life changing events.  The ingredients come from all over the world.

Pricing $29  3 oz pkg. with Charcoal + shipping. $25 without charcoal.

Email to place your order.

Read Lily-Therese's message about Spiritual Cleansing for Self and your home environment here


Lily-Therese, also known as Sacred Dove, a noted  Native American Visionary, with mixed ancestral roots (Métis), is a Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive, and Human Potential Specialist. Lily-Therese has nearly 5 decades of professional experience in Metaphysics, Human Spirituality, Intuition, and Spiritual Coaching. Amongst Lily-Therese's clients are directors, producers, actors, celebrities, CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, politicians, political aides, health care professionals (physicians, nurses, therapist, clinicians).  She also offers a line of  Special Purpose Spiritual Products.  More information About Lily-Therese....  

If you are seeking the answer to a specific question, the solution to a particular problem, or help in the attainment of goals, the use of Lily-Therese's Services and Spiritual Specialty Products can make it possible for you to rise above limitations and move beyond every day challenges.   

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What's New With Lily-Therese

Order Lily's BookLily-Therese's New Book:
Flash Forward: A Guide to shaping your future

Lily-Therese offers empowering strategies to integrate intuition, dreams, nature, and gut-level feelings with logic. Learn to control your destiny to a greater degree. Move beyond self-imposed limitations, random chance, the mystery of coincidences, and the hopelessness of predetermined fate.  Learn more and Order Book

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Questions about your life, finances, career, relationships, dreams, health and more?  Lily-Therese can help you to understand what is going on so you can rise above your troubles and move forward.... 

Sessions are scheduled after credit card payment is done online or by phone.  Lily-Therese will email you with your appointment time. 

She offers a 30 minute phone session for $75

OR a ONE hour phone OR In person session for $100.

Go to the Sessions page for important, detailed instructions and information on ALL her session offerings and in particular her "Trinity Plan".

Interested in having Lily-Therese speak at your venue/location?
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 Past Workshops

Lily-Therese invites you to heal and reconnect with Mother Earth at the Center for Spiritual Living, in Westlake Village, on 10-19-2014! Get your pressing questions answered! Attend this workshop for answers, solutions, and direct revelations about your future. Purchase your ticket for only $30.00 before October 15th. After October 15th and at the door, cost is $35.00.  Thank you to all who attended!  

Lily-Therese Presents:
Heal the Body, Mind and Emotions


Other Past Workshops:

  • The Billionaire Mind: It's All Inside- Learn how to draw abundance and prosperity into your life.

  • Multicultural Studies - The Theory and Practice of Human Spirituality -12 month Course.  Course description & fee


Interested in having Lily-Therese speak at your venue/location?
Let her know in an email!

..... for Your Home and You

Your environment is like a tape recorder. Wherever strong feeling or thoughts take place they are mentally recorded in the atmosphere. Your home is charged with your emotions and the emotional nature of your family and friends. If another family lived in your home prior to you, then your home is also charged with their emotions whether they are living or dead. Read more...


Stop procrastinating!  End 2014 with a positive intention to  improve your spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. Begin today to masterfully celebrate life, solve problems and attain goals.

You are much more than your physical body and emotions. You are body, mind and spirit. The Coaching Sessions include spirituality and intuition for a much wider encompassing and integrated treatment of the whole person.

The Spiritual Coaching Program is designed for people desiring a higher expression of excellence, personal transformation, financial success, and positive change. If you are curious about the future, have problems letting go of the past, uncertain about your work, health, relationships, change, or financial status, holistic coaching can provide the solutions for meeting today’s challenges. If you are stuck, or unable to move forward, stop procrastinating. Now is the time to begin the New Year with the tools necessary for self-empowerment and successful living.

The Spiritual Coaching Program can dynamically transform your life because it touches the most essential part of your being, which is Spirit. Please click here for more information on Spiritual Life Coaching. 

The Trinity Plan

The Trinity Plan offers solution-oriented coaching to effectively overcome the struggles, conflicts, fears, and challenges one experiences during every-day living.
 The Trinity Plan consist of 3-one hour phone sessions that you must use up within a 3-month period. The cost is $255.00 for the series -
a $50 savings! The full cost of the series must be paid for upfront before beginning the sessions.  It is not necessary to use the whole hour at a time. You may use 30 minute increments as needed.  Trinity Plus and Trinity Master Plans are also available.  Learn More... 

Power Animals & their Messages

Power Animal Messages - Anitmal Totem Meanings




Spiritual Special Purpose Oils
All Oils are $16.00 each
Discount with an in-person, 1 hour office session.

 Descriptions and
Special Purpose Oils


    Byzantine Trinity icon by
    Andrey Rublev, c. 1400

    Read more about the Trinity Plan Special Purpose Oils

Power Animals: Learn About Your Animals and Listen to Their Message

Sacred Dove Full Moon Meditation, Drumming, Prayer and Healing Circle (2013)

Sacred Dove Lodge: An Around the World Life Enhancement Ministry
Visit this Area to Make a Prayer Request or Pray for Others

Holistic Personal Coaching / Intuitive Counseling / Trinity Empowerment Series

Phone Readings 15 and 20 minutes Phone Sessions and In-Office Appointments

Life Coaching and Trinity Empowerment Series Learn More About My Life Coaching & Trinity Series


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