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Winds of Change

Many Blessings to YouFrom ancient times people have performed rituals to make positive changes. Rituals are designed to reduce stress and anxiety on an emotional level which helps us cope with major life changing events.

Often we complete a cycle of growth and progress, but we do not know how to become free from the old cycle so that we can progress in new ways.

There are many transitional events in our life that can be assisted by rituals which mark these life changing experiences. Such events include moving, changing jobs, mourning the death of a loved one, or being on a diet.

Through ritual a person has a point in time that specifically marks when to release the even associated with the old situation and when to embrace the new beginning.

The Winds of Change ritual helps you accept and move with change whether you are seeking a new beginning or a turnabout in an old situation.

Change is frightening because its unfamiliar and involves risk. Life cannot progress without change. how you cope with change determines much of your life experiences. Preparation is the key to successful change. Use this ritual to say goodbye to the past and welcome change.

Write a list of what your life will be like after the change. What's standing in your way now?


Use this prayer statement daily:

"I am now free to move forward and make positive changes in my life. I'm fully prepared for new and wonderful experiences. I release everything that no longer works. I make wise decisions daily.


Prayer in Time of Change

Eternal and Ever-living God, I am involved in a major change in my life and it is quite unsettling. I know that for me, change is an indication of life, but I still find it hard to accept. Enable me to see your hand in it, subtly bring about your plan for me and enable me to come closer to you. Make me appreciate the many good aspects of change and learn to live with the bad aspects of change, fully aware that once change stops for me I will no longer be alive on this earth.


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