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Prosperity Ceremony

ProsperityThis ritual will open the door to prosperity but you must first open your mind to receiving.

It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, and it should be your good pleasure to receive it. The word receive means accept. In order to demonstrate prosperity, we must accept it mentally first.

Most people with financial problems have a psychological block about prosperity. In order to attract money one must be in harmony with it. You cannot attract money to you if you believe it's evil, there is not enough to go around, you don't deserve it or money is not important to you.

If you believe it is sinful to be prosperous or guilty about wanting more money you cannot attract money to you. You can open your mind to prosperity by giving up the ridiculous idea that poverty is a virtue. Poverty is definitely not a blessing.

God, your Father is the source of your supply. As long as you relate to the source, you will be prosperous. It is when you turn from God and depend upon people and conditions for your prosperity that you have financial problems.

People and conditions are channels of your supply, but God is the source. Do not panic if the channel changes. One door may close but remember another one always opens.

You may wish to use these prayer statements:

"God is the source of my prosperity and provides his own channel for my supply now".

"That which is for my highest good comes to me now and I accept it".

"The forgiving love of the Father now sets me free from financial mistakes of the past or present. I face the future wise, free, and unafraid".


You can cleanse your mind for prosperity by getting your life in order now. Clean out your closet, drawers, office and the garage. Let go of what you are not using. Without releasing mentally, emotionally and physically you cannot open your mind to receive.

Think about prosperity. How do you wish to be prosperous? Write a list and keep it private. Remember to be thankful for what you already have.


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