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A Special Place for Your Prayers and Prayer Requests

The intent and purpose of the Sacred Dove Lodge is to create a  special place to make your prayer request and to help you in the areas of faith, hope and inspiration. May it open you spiritually, heal, bless and support your positive intentions. I hope that it will encourage prayer and bring peace into your life. Hopefully it will also be a constant reminder of the Creator's love and provide you with help in your time of need. May the peace of the Holy Spirit lift you from your burdens and fill you with love and inner strength. 

Candles are lit and prayers are said on a daily basis for your intentions. Please let me know of any changes in your circumstances. Please scroll down to read my special message regarding World Peace.  To view other prayers click on: Prayers for All Occasions and A Prayer for the Healing of Nations.



A Prayer for the Healing of Nations
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A Prayer for Healing of Nations

Submit your prayer request via email:


We live in trying times. We cannot read the newspaper or turn on the television without hearing or seeing war, famine, crime, natural disasters, and disease. Despite the unsettled times of today there is a growing light within us that is helping us get in touch with our true essence. We must allow this Higher Power (The Holy Spirit) to guide us intuitively and unite us spiritually if we are to experience Renewal, Healing, Transformation and Peace.

Prayers and affirmations have universal, interfaith appeal and inspire, empower, and reveal how to cope during these changing times. Prayers move us beyond words and the physical limitations of time and space. People of all cultures and all races must now come together as ONE if we are to attain lasting WORLD PEACE.

United in Prayer,
Many Blessings,
Lily -Therese



SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests for February:

Please pray for Jonathan M. That he will feel the love of his family and friends. Please pray that he will find his way back to us and that he will lose his addiction. Thank You for this.
Rodger ~


I found your page with the help of my daughter. I printed out the web page of prayers and please pray for Tommy that he walks out of court today and not put back to prison. He doesn't belong there. Please help me pray for Tommy that the judge will see this and that he needs help, not prison. Oh, Holy Spirit, please be with my son Tommy now and help him. A heartbroken mother. God Bless,
Cheryl  ~ 


Please pray that God guides all these individuals to do His Will....Please pray for the restoration of Doran's health (mental choices), finances and "healthy" relationships. Please pray that his "roommate" sees what he is doing to Doran and that he moves out. Please also pray that the marriage of his "Christian" married woman friend is restored, so they (Doran and her) can focus on what they need to...God's work and their own lives. Please pray for their peace. 


Prayer Requests for January:

Please pray for me as I am going through great changes in my life. I am working under awful work conditions with a boss who is abusive on a good day. Help me find a way out of this situation that is affecting my health. Thank you Laurie  0


My work environment is very unbalanced-to say the least. I want things to work out for all involved. Ideally, I would like to work elsewhere because I need a better paying job and I am unhappy. I commute 4 hours a day to come to a place where there is bad karma all around me. Please help. I need all of the positive energy I can get. Thank you for your prayers and may the Great Spirit keep you safe. Also, my brother's birthday is tomorrow, he'll e 29, please help us celebrate in spirit on 1/22/00.  Annie-20   


Please pray for two of my friends. One has recently lost his job. His wife is being totally unsympathetic and non-supportive, calling him a bum, wants him to move out. He needs to find a job that he is happy in, not just take a job for the sake of having work.  My other friend has a disease called C.R.E.S.T. syndrome. It is a fatal disease, there is no cure. Only the symptoms can be treated. She has a very positive attitude and hope that she can beat it, but she needs spiritual help.
Thank you for your prayers.   Aquene (peace in Algonquin language)  ~ Maggie   


Please pray for me for guidance and strength. My husband is ill and is on disability now which has placed a great financial burden upon us.          


Please pray for me and my family. I lost my job one year and eight months ago due to a back injury, I was laid off. I have not been able to get a job since then although I have sent out hundreds of resumes and been on dozens of interviews. Not one job has been offered. We have spent my son's college savings, cashed in our small stocks and bonds, cashed in our IRAs and used all our savings to pay bills. We only have our house and we are falling behind on those payments. I pray day and night and search every day for work. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you all....

I have been talking to this girl named Nicole. I meet her for the first time over this New Years. I had a good time with her! I found that in my heart, that I really like her and hope to make our relationship stronger. We are having a problem. Please say a prayer for us to be together and to live a long and wonderful life together! Thank you very much, God bless you all!    Chris   


I please ask that you keep me in your prayer an also my mate Mark. We are looking forward to getting a house soon. to start our new life and money has been a real issue. also I would ask you to pray for a new job for me so we could afford the new home. We one day want to get married and start a family. He currently is a chiropractic student with 2 years to complete his education. We need all the support and love and prayers. God Bless you       Trish 


Prayer Requests for December:

I know this may be the strangest prayer request you'll ever get, but my pet "Praline" means the world to me. He was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor in the muscle tissue on his left hind hip about a month ago.  My prayer request for Praline is that he not be in pain (if he is) and that he recover from this tumor and live a long and healthy life. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS  ~ Nicole


My son is having difficulties adjusting to school.  Please keep him in your prayers  so that he will feel happy and at peace with these new changes.


During this holiday season, please keep in your prayers the family and friends of a lovely young woman who has since passed on.  May their hearts and minds be at peace knowing that she is resting in the light and watching over them.  Thank you.


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