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Cleansing your Environment
and Personal Atmosphere


Your environment is like a tape recorder. Where ever strong feeling or thoughts take place they are mentally recorded in the atmosphere. Your home is charged with your emotions and the emotional nature of your family and friends. If another family lived in your home prior to you , then your home is also charged with their emotions whether they are living or dead. 

Few people ever question their feelings in a particular room in their own home, however, upon visiting a friendís home it may be very easy to "feel" the negative energy of a room where a argument has just taken place. You might become so uncomfortable that you may choose not to remain. You have just experienced a "bad vibes" encounter.

What about your home? How are the vibes there? Here are some questions to help you decide if it is time for a spiritual cleansing in your home and personal atmosphere. 

  • Do you ever experience times when you just want to run away from your home ?

  • Do you ever feel anxious, fearful, or up tight for no justification ?

  • Do you have few friends and when you do visit, its at their home?

  • Do you ever feel jinxed, unlucky or cursed ?

  • Have you ever felt the presence of a negative spirit?

  • In what room does most of your uneasiness take place?

  • Do you have "bad luck" in relationships ?

  • How about your finances, could they be better?

  • Are you getting the recognition that you deserve at work or in your career?

  • What about your health ? What is your energy level?

  • Do you have problems letting go of persons, places or things ?

  • Do you ever feel immobilized by your fears?

  • Do you believe that you will die young?

  • Do you ever hide or hoard things because you feel that there is not enough to go around?

  • Do you have a difficult time dealing with old lovers or ex-spouses?

  • Do you have trouble saying no to a controlling individual ?

  • Do you have trouble keeping a lover or spouse?

Suggested Products to use to help cleanse you and your personal environment:

House blessing Oil
Sacred Plant Helper Oil
House Blessing/Cleansing Ritual Kit
Amber Angel Spiritual Body Wash
Self-purification Oil
Purification Incense
Purification Oil
Protection Oil

Metaphysical and Native American Rituals/Information

House Blessing Ritual
Create A Sacred Space

Instructions will be included with your product purchase on how to spiritually cleanse your home and personal energy field.

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