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The Moon and its Phases


Throughout history there have always been people that paid attention to the moon and its various phases.

From ancient times our ancestors were aware of the moons influences on their body, mind and emotions. They knew that their affairs and nature were also influenced by its cycles.



Being aware of the moon and seasonal changes has always been important to those who choose to focus the lunar energy on their goals and objectives. Ancient ways can still be used in modern times for goal setting and self-empowerment.

The farmers almanacs are based on lunar cycles. The phases of the moon were very important to the farmer who timed his harvesting according to the moons cycles. And, of course, the moons energy played an important role for people that used the various phases of the moon in ritual work, magic and other ceremonies. Special Purpose Incense, candles and Oils were burned when the moon was in the phase most likely to influence their desired goal.

Knowing the moons phases can help you plan and prepare for change, new beginnings and endings. Rituals can be enhanced by using the moon and its cycles for specific purposes. Having a goal and being aware of the atmosphere you wish to create can greatly affect the outcome of your rituals. Working with the moons energy increases your own personal power and supports your intention. The following are time that the moon and it phases can be utilized to accomplish your goal and objectives. This will serve to introduce you to the moon and its phases. Consult other sources on the moon for more details.

Full Moon

Sister MoonThe full moon is an emotional time. Feelings are more intense and powerful. One may also be more prone to accidents and anger. Donít allow your emotions to control you. Be aware that what you think creates how you feel and how you feel creates your emotional state. To use the power of the full moon to your advantage, remain in control. This is a time of fertility, creativity, sensitivity and psychic awareness.


Waxing Moon

The waxing moon is the two week period between the new moon and full moon. This is a growing period. It is a time to act and be strong . It is an excellent time to perform rituals that add to your blessing such as, prosperity, protection , health, etc. Use the moons influence at this time to make constructive changes. Use your intention and special tools to help you keep focused on your goals.


New Moon

The new moon is a great time for new beginnings and starting new projects. It may also be a time of introspection and inner healing. Its time to focus on your needs and do some serious thinking about your goals and objectives. Timing your goals to meet positively with the energy of the new moon is very important.


Waning Moon

The waning moon is the time period from the full moon to the new moon. It a time to make plans to eliminate old negative habits, ideas and attitudes that no longer serve your highest good. Also time to banish illness , bad relationships, and "bad luck". Get ready to clear obstacles and get rid of unwanted things.

To find the phases of the moon in its astrological signs consult an astrological almanac. 


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