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Letting go of Burdens


Release of Burdens Most of the burdens you carry are not your burdens. Through a mistaken sense of duty, you assume other people's burdens - usually because of guilt. You constantly do things you do not want to do and sometimes even hate to do.

You have all known people who have assumed the burdens of others complaining to everyone who will listen how God has given them a heavy load to carry and he doesn't know what he has done to deserve this. He believes no one ever appreciates what he does to help and he is always taken for granted. If you find the bag of burdens on your shoulders getting too heavy to bear, its time to remove the mental bag and examine its contents. You will have to separate true responsibilities from the false ones.

If you find yourself resenting something you do for others because they don't appreciate it, don't' continue to do it. If they didn't appreciate your time, talents, energy, or money the first time, they probably will not appreciate the second time. If you realize yourself to be a person who needs lots of appreciation, or recognition for what you give or do -- don't give where its not appreciated.

Your genuine responsibilities are those you choose to accept. They should never be demanded or expected of you by people that are undeserving. Do not sacrifice yourself for anyone or anything you do not wish to do.

Be true to yourself. Learn to identify all duties you believe do not belong to you. Learn to develop and cultivate a true sense of what is best for you. Before you accept more responsibilities be sure to ask yourself "will my choice to take on more responsibilities be beneficial or hinder my personal growth? Will I end up hating or resenting the extra obligation?"

Questioning your motives before you take on extra burdens will enable you to choose what is best for you. Choose what you enjoy doing and you will no longer have burdensome duties.

You can begin to let go of burdens by examining them one-by-one and separating the genuine responsibilities from those that only appear to belong to you.


For example it is not your burden or responsibility:

Confirm to other people's expectations of you.

Listen to negative whining people

Use up all you energy doing for others

Worry about Uncle Bill's drinking problem

Take care of someone else's children because it's expected

Give money, time or talent when you don't want to

Keep up with the Jones'

Remain in a relationship that is destructive and going no place

Financially or emotionally continue to support grown children when they refuse to accept self-responsibility

Make loans to anyone you know will not repay you

Worry about the lady down the street who's incompetent to support or care for her ten children

Answer the door or telephone simply because its expected of you, etc.

Write down your list of burdens. Are they really yours, or do the belong to someone else?

Use this prayer statement daily:

"I release my burdens to the Power of God within me. I use wisdom in making decisions, I act in harmony with God's plan for me. I'm free to experience and express God fully."

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