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Lily-Therese's Incense

Lily-Therese's Smudge and IncenseThe burning of incense is one of the most ancient customs in religious and spiritual practice. In fact its probably the oldest custom in humanity’s history. When early man gathered around his fire the smell of aromatic woods, herbs and leaves was so pleasing he decided the fragrance would also be pleasing to the Gods. In early religious practice it symbolized the prayers of the faithful rising to Gods and Goddesses. Since ancient times incense has been used throughout the world to purify, create the proper atmosphere, change a mood and facilitate meditation or religious practice.

Incense affects our sense of smell and produces emotional and psychological effects. The stimulation of the olfactory nerves brings about certain changes in our thinking process and emotional response. What we smell effects how we feel. The power of incense lies in its scent and vibrations. Each herb used has its own energy. Incense can create a mood, change an atmosphere or calm the nerves. The right side of the brain or sub-conscious mind because of its emotional nature responds very well to incense. Before we consciously know we are in contact with an aroma our sub-conscious receives the information and reacts to it. The sense of smell is one of our earliest senses.

We have become more accustomed to cleansing with smoke through the Native American custom of "smudging."   Also see how to Create a Sacred Space.

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   Purification Incense / Spiritual Cleansing 

Lily-Therese's Specially Blended Purification Incense:  If you are looking for a powerful spiritual cleansing incense, look no more! This is an excellent spiritual cleansing incense. The Incense, comes in a granular form and is used to cleanse and purify persons, places and things. Some of the ingredients used are frankincense, copal, myrrh, hyssops, sage, rosemary, etc. The Purification incense is used to raise vibrations, spiritually cleanse, attract positive energy, enhance healing, eliminate negative influence, build powerful atmospheres and provide protection.  Purification incense should be burned when one is going through trials, feels depressed, fearful, blocked, attracts undesirables, prior to moving into a new residence, is uneasy in a house, or going through major life changing events.  The ingredients come from all over the world.


Some special herbs and roots are seasonally hand picked by Lily-Therese at different phases of the moon.

Purification Incense in Abalone ShellThe purification incense is highly recommended by many professional people engaged in spiritual cleansing work and emotional healing. This is the most effective incense to use in exorcism rites and other release work. This incense is very effective in creating a Sacred Space and can be used with the St. Michael's Oil, Protection Oil, or Sacred Space Oil for extra  spiritual protection. This is an excellent incense to spiritually Cleanse Your House or "Smudge" (spiritually cleanse) yourself of negativity. Learn how to spiritually cleanse your home or business see: Cleansing Spaces Native American Ritual and Cleansing your Environment and Personal Atmosphere.

Just a little of this powerful incense goes a long way. This is the original recipe of Lily- Therese's  Native American grandmother, a medicine woman. Your incense has been blessed, anointed and consecrated. It should be treated with respect.  

Purification/ Spiritual Cleansing Incense:                             $25.00 for  3 oz pkg.
Purification Incense with Charcoal roll (10 per roll):          $29.00 for 3 oz pkg. with Charcoal

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Christian kings on the 12th century Skog church tapestry - Late 11th century or early 12th century
The 3 Christian Kings on the 12th Century Skog Church Tapestry

Give the Gift of Kings

Frankincense and Myrrh, were two of the gifts most valued
by the Three Wise Men







FrankincenseFrankincense is a gum resin with a strong, resinous odor. There are 52 references of Frankincense in the bible. Frankincense is still used today in religious ceremonies and in treating various health problems. It needs no mixing or blending with other ingredients. You may choose to grind the frankincense prior to use or apply as is. It is excellent for protection, purification, consecration, exorcism, spiritual cleansing, meditation, etc. Frankincense is one of the most popular incense in the world. When in doubt as to what incense to use you cannot go wrong with Frankincense. To use simply light a charcoal block . When it is glowing put a small amount of the frankincense on the charcoal. and it is ready for use .

Please also see Lily-Therese’s Purification Incense for your empowerment.

PRICE:  3 oz package:  $14.00



MyrrhMyrrh is an aromatic gum resin. It has been a popular resin and is mentioned in the bible over 22 times. It was used in religious rituals, embalming and as treatment for many serious diseases such as, syphilis, leprosy, cancer, etc. Its modern uses include, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, skin conditions, etc. For its spiritual value use as incense to bless, consecrate and purify persons, places and things. Use Myrrh to enhance all of your rituals. When you need to spiritually cleanse, eliminate negative influence , or attract blessings , use this ancient holy incense with confidence. To use simply light a charcoal block. When it is glowing put a small amount of myrrh on the charcoal and it is ready for your intended purpose.

Please also see Lily-Therese’s Purification Incense for your empowerment.

PRICE: 3 oz package:  $14.00 


    Three Kings Charcoal

Three Kings CharcoalThree Kings CharcoalIf you have ever experienced problems keeping resin, sage, or other herbal incense lit, you need to try our Three Kings Charcoal from Holland . Each piece of charcoal is 1 1/4 inches round and is self-lighting. Each package of silver foil wrapped charcoal contains 10 pieces per package.  Try it! You will not be disappointed!  Lily-Therese’s popular, special blend Purification Incense burns very well on this charcoal.   

PRICE: 10 pieces per package $4.00


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