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House Cleansing and Blessing


House Blessing/Spiritual Cleansing rituals eliminate negative influence, earth bound spirits, and psychic attack.  Just as a person or house should be physically clean, they should also be spiritually clean. Keeping your sacred space spiritually cleansed promotes emotional healing and general well being. You cannot attract good luck without eliminating bad luck first! If you are attracting negativity stop now! 

We have all met people that are very negative. They seem to carry a doomed atmosphere wherever they go. After spending a few minutes with these individuals you may have experienced a loss of energy and a desire to leave them immediately. You may have also felt depressed and exhausted. Perhaps you felt a need to take a bath, or wash your hands after being in their presence.

Many of you have gone to a home or business and have had to leave soon after because of a "bad" feeling. Maybe you decided not to rent that apartment because of bad "vibes". Inanimate objects such as houses, buildings, and businesses, act as recorders and take on the predominate thought atmosphere and energy of the individuals living or working in them.

Every home, building, piece of furniture, and clothing carries the energies of those who made the object, who sold it, and those who previously owned it. Their energy and thinking patterns are impregnated into the objects and unless they are cleansed will influence the new owner. Spiritual cleansing or purification is the only method of eliminating these unwanted energies.

Purification rituals should be performed when one is going through trials, feels depressed, fearful, blocked, attracts undesirable situations, prior to moving to a new residence, is uneasy in a house, or going through major life changing events. Rituals will purify and cleanse old negative energies and bring in new positive influences which will bless, bring peace, harmony and protect the home and its inhabitants.

If you feel powerless, depressed, anxious, or helpless, it is time to spiritually cleanse your home. If bad luck is the only luck you are attracting, stop procrastinating! It is time for you to act now! Stop waiting for your luck to change. The only one that can do something about your circumstances is you! Call in God's Blessings for all of your loved ones. Don't let your fears take away your power to receive GOOD.

Purification rituals should be performed once a month for the first three months, thereafter every three to six months to keep your home harmonious.

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