Intuitive Counseling
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This ritual will help prevent illness, restore health, and imbalance. It will help you reduce stress and become accountable for lifestyle choices. In recent years there has been increasing interest among the public in alternative means of restoring health care. As our views of health and medicine change we are beginning to seriously look at the alternative strategies to healing.

Medical and psycho-biological research now substantiates the body-mind linkage. We are learning that our attitudes and stress levels have a great influence on our body chemistry. The body-mind are intricately connected, with psychological attitudes influencing psychological states.

There is evidence that some diseases are not the result of bacteria or viruses but are related to continual stresses upon the body-mind. Some illnesses originate from a number of causes other than organic. Illness can be linked to lifestyle, environment, cultural and social aspects as well. With such a diverse yet interrelated causes, only an integrative multiple approach can promote health and healing.

We are living in a time of personal and planetary transition. The growing concern for the earth, ourselves and the environment make it evident that we can no longer remain separate or indifferent. We are beginning to understand that all things are interconnected. We are all linked to our environment. We all live on Mother Earth, what effects one affects the whole.

We must find other methods of healing ourselves and our environment while reconnecting with self, nature and spirit. The integrated health concept recognizes the inter-relationship of all aspect of the person and treat the whole person rather than an illness or isolated symptom. Your relationship with yourself, God and others will definitely influence your health. your attitude, beliefs and imagination does indeed have a direct effect on the healing process.

Periodically take inventory of your lifestyle. Any disharmony in life will reflect itself symptomatically in the body, communicating to use that a change is called for. When we feel pain or illness, we have acted against our essential nature, or against the unity of all. Unless we connect the pain with its origin, it will be stored in our body-mind only to reappear whenever situations similar to the unresolved one arise.

We must learn to release, forget, forgive, and let go. If we are to free ourselves from illness and pain. Alternative therapies and holistic health concepts cannot replace modern technology, but can provide a new range of therapeutic options, and serve as an adjunct to modern medicine. Use this kit with common sense. If you are ill see your physician and follow your doctor's instructions regarding diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices for recovery.

Questions to Ask Myself in order to Heal

What do I need to let go of?

Am I willing to take responsibility for my health?

How can I make changes in my present lifestyle?

What is making me sick?  Is it a person, place or thing?

How can I reduce stress?

What are my beliefs on illness?

Is my life in order?

Am I thankful for my healthy body?

Do I take the time to practice some kind of spiritual practice, prayer or meditate?

Do I forgive and forget?

What can I do to emotionally heal myself?


Use these healing power statements daily

"Right now I am healed".

"I make wise decisions regarding my health".

"I now let go of whatever is making me ill".

"I am strong, centered and healed".

"I choose health and harmony".

"I live a balanced life".

"I forgive and forget all conflict".

"I walk in harmony with all my environment".

"I am perfect health now manifest in every organ of my body".

"God is my physician and He heals me now."

I now consciously let go of whatever is making me ill, whether it be persons, places, or things; I let them go. I cast them to the power of God within me and I go free to experience perfect health and harmony.


Prayer for the Restoration of Health

Almighty God,

You gave me health and I forgot You. You take it away and I return to You. How gracious You are to take away the gifts that I allowed to come between You and I. Take away whatever hinders my union with You.

I make my request for the gift of restored health that I may serve You more faithfully and love You more sincerely than in the past. I want to be well and strong if it is Your will and experience all of Your glory.


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