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Cupid's Love

Cupid's Love RitualAny block regarding our ability to love or be loved is worth removing. This ritual vibrates on a love level. It is used to remove blocks and draw love to the user on the physical plane. The aura around the person performing the ritual becomes attracting, interesting and compelling.

This ritual will help you become a more loving person. This will allow you to give and receive love. Love should not be confused with sex, as it is possible to have sex without being in love. The ritual will help deepen a romantic commitment, expanding the ability to accept friendship and intimacy. Communication barriers which may be responsible for any real emotional involvement will be overcome.

A happy loving relationship must rebuilt on a daily basis. Most problems in intimate relationships are the result of lack of communication. Your partner is not a mind reader. He/she does not know what you think, feel, believe or desire unless you tell them. Lack of communication leads to disappointment, resentment, anger and eventually rejection.

To avoid this you must be fully aware of what you want of your relationship. What are your expectations? What are your mates? Write down and discuss your feelings with your partner on a regular basis. This will increase awareness and keep the line of communication open.

The result of this ritual will announce to the universe that you are available and ready to become a husband, wife or lover.

Cupidís Love Oil is said to make one irresistible when put in the bath water or used as a perfume. It is effective in drawing affection, tenderness and passion. However, this ritual should never be used to "trap" or "force" anyone into love. Attempts to control another person is wrong and if persisted will result in serious consequence.

Do not expect immediate results. Persistence and patience will bring positive action in all matters of love.

For freedom in your relationships declare:

"Christ in me free me from everything and everybody that is no longer part of God's divine plan for my life. Everything and everyone that is no longer a part of the divine plan for my life now release me and I release them. Christ in me reveals, unfolds, and manifest in right relationships in my life now."


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