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How to Create A Sacred Space

Angel Creating a Sacred Space through IncenseSpiritual work,  prayer , or meditation performed in an atmosphere of sanctity and peace will enhance the effectiveness of the spiritual practice. Using the same area creates the right atmosphere. Just as we have a specific place to sleep and eat we should also have a specific area for ritual and other spiritual practices. Such a space establishes a powerful force field for your intended purpose.  See also House Blessing Ritual. Try the Sacred Space Oil to create a protected safe place.

It is easier to become relaxed in a familiar setting. Habitual use of a sacred place creates and attracts the necessary spiritual forces for your success. A space is created in your environment that is in harmony with your energy and intentions.

Privacy is necessary for self-observation, mindfulness training and self-examination. Preparing a place physically helps you establish needed mental space if you are to effectively explore your inner world. You feel safe when you are within your own space. You can retreat to your sanctuary whenever the need arises.

Making physical preparations also help you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It helps bridge the connection between the conscious and sub-conscious mind toward the same goal. If it is not possible to have an entire room, an area can be delegated for your spiritual practice. Find a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed. It should be free from noise and traffic.

When you prepare a space ritually you set the mood. You become an active participant instead of an outside voyeur. You empower yourself through action instead of remaining passive and uninvolved. When you prepare a space ritually you are asking the Creator to bless the area and make it appropriate for relaxation, ritual work , prayer and meditation.

Prior to use the space or room should be physically cleaned. It should then be spiritually cleansed, blessed and dedicated for your intended purpose. The area should be used for no other purpose. When you are frustrated, depressed or just feeling helpless over a particular situation sit in your sacred space. Call on the forces of God to assist, heal and bless you. Do not allow your fears to enter and sabotage your goals and objectives. Address the negative feeling or energy as a entity and tell it to leave you immediately and it will do so.

Your sacred space should also make positive use of the physical senses. The atmosphere can be enhanced by the use of color, symbols, music, incense, candles, oils , pictures, flowers, etc. All of these tools can act as trigger mechanisms which will help you remember your goals and objects. They can also help discipline the mind in a positive direction. And, of course your sacred space may be out side. If you feel more comfortable in nature, choose a space that makes you feel happy and safe .

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