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Angel Heart

Angel Heart RitualThe Angel Heart Ritual opens up to giving and receiving spiritual love, the highest form of love.  It is unconditional and the perfect expression of God. This ritual raises vibrations and expands ones sensitivity, healing ability, peace and harmony.   It eliminates blocks and encourages release and forgiveness. If you are recovering from a 'heart breaking' relationship, or you have decided that the present relationship is not working, its time to use this ritual.

Your heart reacts to the type of thoughts you dwell upon. Emotions come from the feelings of certain attitudes. The heart remembers all past pain and cannot fully open when it is cluttered with resentful thoughts.

Most people dwell on the resentments of old wounds. If we're to express God in our hearts we must apply forgiveness and compassion. We must learn to forget and forgive the grudges held from the past and present. The seat of understanding lies in the heart. The feeling of empathy comes from the heart, and this is where compassion is felt and love begins. The Angel Heart oil is excellent for anointing the heart center to help free oneself from past mistakes and present limitations. It attracts positive relationships and blessings. Use it whenever you work on your spiritual path.

Write a list of some things that are blocking your heart from its full expression. Is that which you are pursuing bringing you happiness? Are you doing all you can to work on your spiritual path?

This ritual will help keep you young, trusting and make your heart sing. Use it whenever you encounter blocks and wish to move forward with an angel in your heart.

Use this prayer statement daily:

The power of the Holy Spirit within me opens my heart fully. I am free to love unconditionally. I have an angel in my heart that guides me and protects me from all harm and pain.

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